In critical moments, a clear line of sight can mean the difference between life and death. Keeping our soldiers safe is a priority at SiO2 Nanotech™, and our non-toxic and biodegradable VitreOx™ anti-fog solution is a proven remedy against fogging and meets the most stringent military specifications. It is also non-volatile / non-combustible and provides a microbial barrier. Our VitreOx™ anti-fog solution is perfect for military:

•    Protective eyewear
•    Ballistic eyewear
•    Gas Masks
•    Goggles
•    Gun scopes
•    Binoculars
•    Dials
•    Gauges
•    Military Instrumentation’s.
•    Medical Devices

In addition:

•  Per British Standards of Engineering 166, it outperforms lead competitor (UVEX) by a factor of 3,500X, lasting for hours or weeks, in comparison to just minutes.

•  It meets ASTM D1003, “Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics”.

•  It withstands extreme temperatures above 200° Fahrenheit, and below zero. Application also freezes clear.

LONG LASTING | Easy to apply | Works in any environment

SiO2 Nanotech is proud to be a minority owned and women founded business. We are in the process of receiving our 8a and Solider Enhancement Program certifications.

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