SiO2 Nanotech, LLC

Welcome to SiO2 Nanotech we developed several ground breaking new technologies, including the optical anti-fog coating VitreOx™ and the Biomedical Testing technology HemaDrop™.
VitreOx™ is a patent pending anti-fog solution that produces a hydrophilic film to enhance vision clarity.

• Instantaneous anti-fog, whether just applied (wet) or dry
• No heating needed – effective at room temperature and below
• Long-lasting: Over 90 minutes in surgery, and permanent coatings for years
• Excellent optical transparency with no distortion
• Non-toxic and biocompatible
• FDA Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) ingredients
• Various grades from temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent
• Easy to apply and/or incorporate into manufacturing

VitreOx™ can be used for a wide-range of applications, from surgical lenses, to athletic eyewear and beyond.

VitreOx™ is safe, entirely non-toxic to skin, eye and nose, effective, and lasting.

SiO2 NanoTech was incorporated in 2013 by Dr. Nicole Herbots and Clarizza Watson, and is located at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Innovative Anti-fog Technology

VitreOx™ can be directly applied and used for temporary, semi- permanent and permanent anti-fog coatings on lenses, surfaces and medical devices. VitreOx™ INSTANTANEOUSLY eliminates fogging, by changing how water droplets behave on the surface, by producing a super hydrophilic surface. Instead of visible droplets (water beads), a uniform “wet sheet” instantly grows on the surface, resulting in a transparent surface instead of fogged lenses. Thus, VitreOx™ eliminates light scattering and the distortion of your vision by eliminating water droplets. Thus, VitreOx™ does not rely on heating, or evacuation to eliminate fogging.

HemaDrop™ Biological Testing

In addition to VitreOx™, SiO2 Nanotech is excited to announce our latest product we have developed HemaDrop™, a technology used to analyze biological samples at the atomic level, using only a thousandth of the volume required in current biological testing. Using both HemaDrop™ and Ion Beam analysis, we are able to determine the exact atomic composition of samples such as blood or mucous. This analysis can be done quickly and can be repeated many times, ensuring accurate results within 5% error. With further development of this technology, we will be able to detect infectious diseases, chemical imbalances, and mineral deficiencies both portably and without the wait associated with current medical tests. Current Applications:
• Microscope slides
• Ruthersford Back Scattering (RBS) Analysis Kit
• Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE) Analysis Kit
• Spectrometry Analysis Kit
• Forensics

To learn more about VitreOx™ anti-fog technology, please contact us or call (602) 565-3447.